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Latest bugs filed for checkyesss

Bug #Description
20587 Yesss Intl. Package: Expiration not properly calculated.
20519 Yesss Data Product: Also collect and show call details
20280 Simyo: Server replys with "500 Internal Server Error"
20266 Yesss: Calls of type "Telefonat Roaming passiv" not captured in calls list
20264 Yesss: Display status of "International" packet permanently
20210 CheckYesss should show whether international calling package is active
19029 Firefox 3.0b5: Reading credit results in yellow, then gray icon ("Error: Found")
18066 ODS: Wrong statistics for "cent/min"
17997 Data Products: Add a column for total data volume
17992 Data Products: Optionally show the available volume instead of monetary credit

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